Salvage Competition Winners!

by , Tuesday March 25, 2014
Salvage Competition Winners!

Read on to find out if it was YOU!

Perfect for fans of If I Stay and The Fault in Our StarsSalvage tells the heart-rending story of siblings Aidan and Cass, separated as children and reunited as teenagers. Cass was adopted by a loving family while Aidan spent years surviving crowded foster homes and empty bedsits, but both have their demons to battle. Will Cass be able to cope as her life begins to change completely? And can Aidan make her understand what it means to be a part of his family?


The winner of this competition will be treated to lunch with author Keren David and her editor at Atom Books to discuss all things publishing PLUS they'll get a critique of their writing. Five runners up bag themselves a signed copy of the book. 


The winners are:


First Prize

Finding You by JK Panesar 


Runners Up

Ace of Blood by Ariadne Wight

Day 1 by PJManga101

Never Alone by K.G. Heath

Remember Me by JayLove

Memories by TheJondretteGirl23

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