Cover of the Day!

by , Thursday March 13, 2014
Cover of the Day!

Will we pick YOURS?

You really are a talented bunch, aren’t you? Your cover designs are pretty epic and put me to shame (I was the one still doodling stickmen when everyone else could do properly realistic self-portraits. Frustrating.)


Anyway, to celebrate and publicise your talent, we’re going to pick a Cover of the Day, every day, on our Instagram account: MovellasOfficial


We’ll be looking for something that catches our eye – it could be something bright, it could be something funny, it could be something completely beautiful. It could feature a dragon, or Harry Styles, or a sketch of your own. Be sure to check in with our Instagram account every day to find out if YOURS has been chosen!


Look out for the first one tomorrow!


PS - Hope you don't mind me picking a few of my faves to use on the blog banner, above!

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