Let’s get 1D on Movellas!

by , Monday February 24, 2014
Let’s get 1D on Movellas!

We need YOUR help to make it happen!

OK, we get it. A LOT of you guys are *kind of* into a little-known British boyband called, erm, One Direction.


At last count, the X-Factor hotties have inspired more than 10,000 stories on Movellas. They’ve even got their own Movellas app.


But you know what would be really cool? Like, cooler than cool? If the 1D lads created their own Movella. The real story of their lives. A sneak peek at the day-to-day happenings of Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis and Liam.


We’d like this to happen. We’re pretty sure YOU’D like this to happen. So let’s make it happen!


At 9pm, on Thursday 27 Feb, we need as many of you as possible to tweet the boys asking them to log in to Movellas. You could tweet something like this: 


“Hey @onedirection! We want you to write the REAL story of your life on #Movellas, the story sharing platform for teens. Will you?#StoryOf1D”


"@Harry_Styles, write me the REAL story of your life on #Movellas, the story sharing platform for teens. #StoryOf1D #One Direction"


Our dream is that if enough Directioners and Movellians tweet the boys, they’ll log in and create their own Movella for us to enjoy! So tell your friends, tell your classmates, hell, tell your nana! We need to work together to make this dream come true!


Movellas’ #StoryOf1D Day, Thursday 27 Feb

UK: 9pm GMT, Aus: 8am AEDT, USA: 4pm EST, USA: 1pm PST

The boys' Twitter accounts are: @onedirection, @Harry_Styles, @NiallOfficial, @zaynmalik, @Real_Liam_Payne and @Louis_Tomlinson


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