Hello, it’s the new girl here!

by , Tuesday February 18, 2014
Hello, it’s the new girl here!

Say hi to Movellas’ new Community Manager, Eva


Hi Movellians,


I’m delighted to meet you all – I’m the new Community Manager, Eva. It’s my job to keep you guys happy: so whether you’ve got a great new idea for the site, or you’re having an issue with something, get in touch and tell me. I can’t change it if I don’t know about it!


I’ll also be bringing you the best competitions from all your favourite brands as well as talking to you over the Movellas’ social media platforms about everything from The Fault In Our Stars (epic…pass me the tissues) to the book quotes you live your life by.


Here’s a bit more about me…I like: reading in bed on a rainy Sunday, laughing so much it hurts, going to gigs with my friends, Margaret Atwood, making stuff – anything from a silly Breaking Bad cross stitch to customising a tee, writing down book ideas in my notebook and watching, but somehow never finishing, box sets with plenty of popcorn (sweet, never salty).


I dislike: getting up early (*shudders*), anchovies, people who walk too slow when I’m in a rush, negativity.  


So…don’t be shy…introduce yourselves! What are your top three likes?


Eva x

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