Changes To The Profile Page

by , Thursday February 13, 2014
Changes To The Profile Page

Thanks for all of your excellent feedback to our recent survey about the profile page and thanks for your awesome design entries into the competition. 


Your feedback told us overwhelmingly that you'd like some tools to personalise your profile page, so we've made the first step to enabling a more personalised page.


You can now change the background!!!!!!!


Here's some screen shots to take you through the steps:


Step 1: Edit Profile



Step 2: Change Background



Step 3: Choose Your Background (you can choose a colour from the dropdown or an image or animated gif that you have stored locally)


Step 4: Check out the results: My background is repeat images of The Globe theatre in London as it represents the things I am passionate about.



So what are you waiting for Movellians! Go make your profiles your own.



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