Sherlock Competition Winners!

by , Tuesday February 18, 2014
Sherlock Competition Winners!

Who's Been Sherlocked?

Myself and my good friend of the Sherlock Tumblr blog Sheroclock, who selflessly spent time reading fanfiction rather than doing her uni work, were astounded by the quality of your movellas!  I was truly sucked in and couldn't stop reading!  There are some very intelligent detectives among you and some thought-provoking cases.


The winner of the death frisbee, I mean deerstalker hat, is:


Sherlock Holmes - The Secret Wife - KSwiftie1314 - The portrayal of Sherlock was better than I could've done!  The following of Sherlock's deductive thoughts were sensational.


The runners up, winning places in Featured Stories along with the winner are:


Princess - SlightlySherlocked - excellent characterisation!


I AM SHERLOCKED - Catthew - Molly's longing felt really tangible and realistic.


And I must give a special mention to Rhyming Murder by Grumpy Jaffa for the chilling and totally Moriarty murders in her movella!


Well done to everyone who participated.  You seemed to find it easy to get into the mindset of a very unusual man and his blogger.  Is there anything you can't do?


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