Movellians Have Got Talent Winners!

At last the results are in! 

Jamal Edwards challenged you to use Movellas to explore the topic of self-belief in any way you wished.  We had stories, pictures, poems, songs and videos which proved without a doubt that Movellians have got talent!


The winner is sleepisfortheweak with her incredible poem I Believe in Me and accompanying video, SELF BELIEF: Tips on Believing in Yourself!  You guys should check it out here!  The message is beautiful and inspirational.


Not only did you come up with amazing stories and videos but you also came up with some awesome t-shirt designs!


The winner is The Mad Hatter's Daughter with her Wired to be Weird t-shirt design!  She has won her own t-shirt and a copy will also be made for Jamal.


Both winners will be announced later today on Jamal's Twitter feed!


So keep an eye out and tweet like crazy!

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