Sherlock Series Three Inspired by Fan Fiction?

My deductions . . . 

So it’s over.  Again.  Once again we’re left wanting more.  We have a solution of course!  Join our Sherlock fan fiction competition!  There's only one week to go!  There’s never been a better time for Sherlock fan fiction.  Not only does it quench our thirst for more of the world’s only consulting detective but it’s also influencing the show itself.


There were so many moments in series three that seemed to be just for the fans’ enjoyment.  From simple things such as Mycroft on the running machine and being handed his umbrella, to Anderson becoming like us with his many Reichenbach Fall theories during ‘The Empty Hearse’.


The false theories running through ‘The Empty Hearse’ has to be my favourite example of Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss writing for the fans.  Anderson’s club mirrored us in the two years we waited for series three didn’t it?  There were so many fan theories swamping the Internet and so much shipping!  We all, like Anderson, used the hashtag ‘I believe in Sherlock Holmes’.  This wasn’t an important plot point in the episode, so why include it?  The fans.  It has to be. 


The shipping theories we were shown, sending all fans of Shrelolly and Morilock crazy, must have been a type of apology for all the time we waited and wondered about how on earth anyone could survive that fall.


But not only were fans of Sherlolly and Morilock satisfied, fans of Johnlock were not to be disappointed in series three!  After all, ‘The Sign of Three’ seemed to be an excuse for John and Sherlock to say ‘I love you’ in as many ways possible in ninety minutes.  Not to mention Mrs Hudson believing they were in a relationship causing John to exclaim, “Sherlock was not my boyfriend!”, to which Johnlock fans raised their eyebrows and shot glances at each other, possibly giggling.


The fans must’ve been in the forefront of Gatiss and Moffat’s minds as they created series three.  Why else all the false theories and potential for shipping?  Why else were Timothy Carlton and Wanda Ventham (Benedicit Cumberbatch’s parents) cast as Mr and Mrs Holmes?


So keep writing fan fiction.  Don’t stop for anything.  You could say that Moffat and Gatiss are two of the most successful fan fiction writers of all time themselves.  After all, isn’t ‘Sherlock’ just Moffat and Gatiss fan-girling about the original Conan Doyle stories anyway?

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