Message Me Message You, Ah Ha!

by , Friday January 10, 2014
Message Me Message You, Ah Ha!

Movellians Can Now Write To Each Other!!!!


Whilst many of you were resting over Christmas, eating copious amounts of turkey, chocolate and yuletide log, our development team here at Movellas were locked away in a cold, dark room (Mordor) working on code to enable you all to communicate with each other, better. 


So today, we are pleased to announce the release of our first version of messaging (aka posting to one another’s profiles). You may have already noticed this new feature on your own profile or from visiting another Movellian's profile. It makes it easier for you to keep track of what you have written or where you've mentioned others, and where they’ve mentioned you. Think of it like a Facebook/Twitter ship, called Twitbook:-)


So let’s break it down………….


1 - Like other social media services, you can now post on another user's profile. Just go to someone's profile and check the box which says "Write something ..."



The Movellian concerned and all others can read your message - a bit like writing a message on a wall.


2 – If you click on your own profile, you might notice that it looks a bit different. To the right of your profile photo and description is a box with Interactions, Movellas, Favorites and Lists.



The last three are pretty self explanatory, but the Interactions button is new. This is where you can see your activity and other Movellians' activity that you are a fan of.  You can also find interactions below your profile picture and description.


Under Interaction, there are three tabs – Feed, Me and @Mentions


 - Feed is where you can see all your activity across Movellas and also the activity of those you are a fan of.  You can also write a mumble from here.  Unfortunately, we haven't worked out how to actually feed you from here, but we think we'll get there:-)


 - Me is where you’ll see everything you’ve posted to others, your mumbles and comments to stories and forum, etc.


 - The last tab is @Mentions. Here you can see the places you've been tagged and the messages others have posted to you.


This is just the first iteration of making user to user communication better on Movellas. As you know, we like to test things with you, get your feedback and then iterate and perfect, so we’d love to hear what you think and how we can improve this further. Plaese leave any feedback that you have in the comments below. Thanks.


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