Top 10 List of Writerly Quirks and Habits

Chandler Baker, Virginia Boecker, and Lee Kelly are back with another great blog post for you!  This time it's all about the quirks and habits of writers.

As we enter a new year, with new writing goals and challenges, the three of us got to chatting about our writerly quirks and habits. Here’s a list of ten that we seem to have in common.


You know you’re a writer when:

10. You daydream in your main character's voice.

9. You talk to your significant other about your characters', problems like they are actually part of your social circle.

8. You're so busy writing that you haven't had time to do laundry and have to wear your significant other's underwear.

7. Your mother calls to ask how your characters are doing.

6. Your best “work pants” come with elastic waistbands.

5. You brainstorm in the shower and look forward to long drives by yourself, just to think about your characters.

4. Some of your best writing material comes from eavesdropping.

3. You quote fiction just to show off somebody else's words.

2. You scour the shelves at Barnes and Nobles for the author pages, wondering how does someone become an author, anyway? like there might be some secret ingredient.

1. When it actually hurts to be away from the page for more than a few days.


Share with us! What strange writing quirks and habits do you have? Leave us a comment below, or feel free to continue the conversation all week long by tweeting us @virgboecker, @leeykelly & @chandlerbaker.

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