by , Thursday December 19, 2013

Well this day had to come... 


Tomorrow is my last day working for Movellas and in January there will be be a new Community Manager. It has been an incredible adventure being part of this blossoming website, working closely with incredible people, reading such awesome stories on a daily basis and helping come up with inspiring (hopefully!) writing contests. 


But all good things must come to an end... and I am starting a new job for next year.  


There are some writers who have been on here as long as me, some longer, some who we have lost along the way and a lot who we have gained. There have been ups and downs, as there will be when so many people visit the same place, but the community has been incredible throughout and I (and the rest of the Movellas team) have always tried to do what's best for the website and the people who use it. 


The next year has so many great things in store for all the writers here - great contests, updated apps, an improved website, more readers and even more surprises! I hate to miss out on all the fun and I will definitely be dropping in once in a while.


Obviously I will keep my account live, and maybe even try to finish one of the things I started writing, so be sure to say hello. 


Until the new Community Manager joins the team, Yvonne will be dealing with everything you might have come to me for. Nothing on the site in terms of comments, flagging or contests will change, although please be patient if we are a little slower in replying over the next couple of weeks.   


Thnx 4 th mmrs

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