Catching Fire Competition Winners

The Winners


We gave you free rein of the Hunger Games fandom and you really pushed your imaginations to the limit.


Mentors, tributes and Capitol citizens alike were the stars of your stories and the variety on display was incredible.  There were so many different perspectives and time periods in Panem's history explored that it was difficult to choose a winner.


But winners had to be chosen, so here are those three winners!


The reaping of Finnick Odair - Katface


Melusine - LittleMsHollywood


The Mad Girl's Song - B. Anonymous.



Well done to all the winners, but as there were so many great entries we must just mention these movellas also:



Beware the Children - MarcyEligo for the insight into Distrct One


Fatal Decadent - Flask of Earth for the twist on Effie Trinket's story



Congratulations to everyone!

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