NaNoWriMo: Second Week Sadness

Did you survive the second week of the challenge? 

Hello there, fellow Movellians! I’m back. It’s me, Danielle Paige, with a brand new progress report from the second agonising week of National Novel Writing Month. Week two has a unique reputation, which I’m sure many of you have uncovered for yourselves.


We’re halfway through NaNoWriMo now, so you should be nearing the 25,000 word mark. Some of you have passed it already, which is incredible, and I urge you to keep pushing through. Week two is usually the hardest struggle. It’s the point in your novel where you reach the very middle. Often, words just won’t form, nothing sounds right when you read it to yourself, and you find yourself falling out of love with your plot. The only advice I can really give you is to keep writing. Jump ahead if you need to. Write the ending instead of the middle to keep you excited about your novel. Breathe life into your character by throwing in a random twist. If all else fails, dive headfirst into a sea of writing prompts to get that creative energy flowing.


My progress has, on the whole, been much better than last year when I remember sitting down for hours, erasing and typing variations of the same sentence. This year, I made sure that I created a detailed subplot to antagonise my characters. This will set the mood for the grand finale… or so I hope.


As I write this, I’m sat at just over 29,000 words, and I’m actually feeling quite proud of myself. However, no matter what your word count is, take a moment to pat yourself on the back. You’ve come so far, even if you only mustered the courage to write a couple of lines. Single-handedly, you have begun to create, and that in itself is extremely powerful. Don’t give up.


I would love it if you’d share your experiences in the NaNoWriMo club on Movellas! Don’t be shy. We don’t bite! 

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