The Battle of the Fandoms - The Winners

Are you ready to vote for the best fan fiction of all time?


The wait is almost over. With almost 200 entires into our Battle of the Fandoms competition, we were completely blown away by how passionately you supported your chosen fandoms and you truly did them proud. The sheer volume of entries and the quality of each of them was astounding.

Sadly Glee and the Vampire Diaries have been eliminated as there were no entries for either fandom. The competition is harsh and is about to get harsher... we hope you are prepared! 
There can only be one winner per fandom so here are your winners in no particular order... drum role please.
Justin Bieber - Our Song
Bandoms - Teenage Kings
Twilight - Jacob and Bella
The Hunger Games - Gamemaker
The Lord of the Rings - As Shadows Fall
Doctor Who - Cyber
Percy Jackson - Water and Lightning
Comics and Superheros - Flood Me Where I Sit
The Mortal Instruments - Whither Thou Goest
5 Seconds of Summer - Hemming My Heart
Congratulations to all the winners, who will each receive their movella printed as a papella!
Now the all important final battle and voting stage can begin.
To make the voting fairer there will now be two overall winners. A bandom winner and another winner. Bandoms include One Direction, Jusitin Bieber, 5 Seconds of Summer and the bandoms. Everything else will be pitted against each other.
So we have The Battle of the Fandoms and The Battle of the Bandoms.
Now the all important part: how to vote.
We have set up an album on Facebook with the cover image of the winning movellas. To vote for your favourite, simply like the picture. The movella with the most Facebook likes will be victorious.
Do what you needs to be done to battle for your fandom, share on Facebook, twitter and tumblr and involve your friends. Do everything you can to support your fandom or favourite fan fiction!
This is your final chance. Let the games begin.
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