Write and publish on the Movellas app!

You can write on the app... read all about it... you can write on the app! 


It seemed there was one thing EVERYONE wanted... and by everyone we do mean everyone... EVERYONE wanted to be able to write and publish stories from the Movellas app. 


Well, there is nothing we like doing more than the things you want, so... can you guess where this is going? 


That's right. As of RIGHT NOW you can write and publish movellas directly from our iOS app.




Hopefully it won't be too long until we can bring this same update to the Android app, but we had to start somewhere!


Well, what are you waiting for? 



Love being able to write wherever you are with the new app? Please leave a review and a nice rating - it really helps us bring more readers and writers into the community. And don't forget, a whole host of other Movellas powered apps are out there. 

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