THIS is what I have to say

by , Friday October 25, 2013
THIS is what I have to say

The Movellas poetry anthology is finally here...


Wow. A year has gone by since we launched the Stanza & Deliver (and boy did you deliver!) contest and received over 200 hundred poems of incredible quality.


Well, we have been hard at work since then. A long judging process from Ambassadors, Movellas staff and the Macmillan editorial team saw us draw up a list of the best 25 poems, we ran another contest to find a designer for the cover of the book, Roger Stevens wrote a foreward to the anthology.


Which means... we are ready to announce the release of the anthology... as of... NOW! 


Join in the conversation on twitter with #whatihavetosay and get involved in our This Is What I Have To Say book club where are there free copies of the book to be won.


You can buy the book, and get everyone you know to buy the book, from all good e-tailers, including: 




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