Looking for love... sort of

by , Monday September 2, 2013
Looking for love... sort of

We're advertising something a bit special today... the greatest job the internet has to offer!


We are super busy at Movellas with a rapidly growing community, so we’re looking for a 

young, friendly and energetic University student who loves reading and writing and is willing to help us out for one or two days a week in our London office near Covent Garden. It may only be a couple of hours a week to start with. You can commute from New York, but we can't pay for your plane fare.  


Your tasks will be varied but may cover the following:

· generating content for the site
· helping us to come up with new competitions
· making suggestions on how to improve the site and apps
· using social networks to raise awareness about movellas with our target audience
· engaging with the community
· research
· answering emails
· sending out the prizes when we’ve held writing competitions
· general support for the UK team

You like fiction and most likely write yourself. Your English is good and you might even be studying English at University. You have some flair for handling technology and, having recently been one, you keep up with the things that teenagers like to do in their spare time. You’re a ninja when it comes to all social media, specifically Tumblr, twitter and Facebook. Ideally, you have a passion for Young Adult fiction and maybe aspirations to work in publishing.


Please send an email to jobs@movellas.com telling us how we have just described you and attaching your CV. We know the perfect person is out there and we can't wait to hear from you!

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