The Afterlife Winners

by , Thursday June 27, 2013
The Afterlife Winners

What lies beyond?

We're not sure, but the results to the written competition are here while you're waiting...


Grim Reapers, guardian angels, devils, solitude, darkness and bright flashes of light all featured in the amazing and creative entries. Inspired by Death & Co, the exciting new novel by DJ McCune, this contest was a particularly hard one to judge. So many perfectly executed entries (with really cool covers and illustrations, for some of you) that it was a tough call! Nonetheless, a decision had to be made and the winners are:


Purgatory Platform

I was running; my lungs burning as if the air was acid, my muscles slowing like failed pistons, refusing to propel me forwards. I had to make the train. I didn’t know why – I couldn’t even remember where it was supposed to be going – I just knew that I had to get on.


Suit of Swords 

I decided to hate the world on that lonely, rainy day, my jacket soaked through, my hair dripping, my tears lost in the mix of water on my face.

Ambient light filled the small, dingy neighborhood, the sun barely cracking over the surface of the world; rain consumed the holes of would-be quiet, filling them with noise and activity. Puddles dotted the dirt road, the yards in which wood and brick and concrete houses sat. When I looked up, I couldn’t even see the fading echoes of stars, dark rainclouds consuming the sky.


The Devil's Kettle

    "Order! Order in the court!" yelled a solemn voice followed by the rustle of wings.

My head spun and I feared I might pass out right then and there on the cold floor. My hands were tied with a gold cord. I tried to look around but the snakes of burning torches lined on the walls were too bright. 

I put my fingers up to my face, felt my lips a bit swollen and bleeding.

               "DOWN!" someone screamed.

I crawled backwards, checking for a dark corner to hide in. The cacophony then began to organize itself gradually into silence.


We also had some runner ups that were very close:


Skye Falling 


Afterlife Competition Poem


Death Ever After


Last but not least, the best illustrated entry goes to Life After Living!


You can read other versions of the afterlife from the other entries here and find out more about the author that inspired this work, DJ McCune, here.


Just to let you know a bit more about me, my name is Zohra and I just started interning at Movellas, so feel free to drop me a comment or question if you have one, and keep writing!

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