Working together for a better Movellas

A thank you, a summary, a little announcement and some important questions. 


First up, a massive thank you to everyone who voted for us in the Cicso Big Idea away - we ended up coming second and have been put through to the next round. Hopefully we will have more details about this to share with you soon. 


The comments some movellians left under the Cisco blog made everyone at Movellas sit up and think. There was some criticism, great feedback, positive reaction, useful ideas and everything in between. I wanted to let everyone know that the Movellas team have read every one of these comments more than once. 


I think we all want the same thing, an incredible website and writing community where everyone can share their creativity and imagination. For us, there are no ifs and buts - it has to be for everyone!


The most frequent complaint was that the popularity and quantity of One Direction fan fictions means that writers who don't get involved in this universe, don't see as many people as they would like engage with their writing and can't find the stories they want to read.


This is our fault, we recognise that it is our fault. We want Directioners and Potterheads, poets and screen-writers, literary classicsts and short story writers to be able to get the best experience on Movellas. If your writing isn't getting read enough or you can't stories that interest you, then you are not getting the best experience.


We have made lots of small changes over the past year - releasing a whole variety of awesome writing apps, running innovative and engaging contests, introducing a tagging system when you are searching so you can turn off tags you don't like, adding notifications so it is easier to keep up to date with your favourite authors and movellas, building a rating system so that younger users do not stumble across mature content - but we always, always, always want to improve. 


There is a grand notion of a personalised Movellas experience that means suitable and exciting stories relevant to your interests rise to the top for you, but this is an idea we are still working with. We are such a small team with very few resources and things like this can't be rushed. 


It would be great, more than great, incredible, if you could help us reach this grand vision by leaving us concrete and thought out feedback. What lists or areas on Movellas are currently important to you? What small or big changes to Movellas would really benefit your experience? Why would they benefit your experience, what is that you want from any changes? 


If you don't feel comfortable leaving this feedback on a public forum, then please feel free to email me at I can't wait to hear what you say! 



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