A new look Movellas app

by , Tuesday June 25, 2013
A new look Movellas app

Bored of the old Movellas app? We were too... 


With a nicer design, better functions and offline reading, we are very excited about the new Movellas app for iOS. Now you can keep up to date with your favourite authors and stories on the way to school, just before bed, in the bath (if you dare...) and at every break.




Writing might still happen at a desk (although we are hard at work at making it possible to write from our apps), but reading with Movellas can now take place anywhere. 


Hopefully it won't be too long until we can bring this same update to the Android app.


If you like the new look app, please leave a review and a nice rating - it really helps us bring more readers and writers into the community. And don't forget, a whole host of other Movellas powered apps are out there. 


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