Movellas Books

by , Friday May 24, 2013
Movellas Books

Not so much a publishing house, more a mansion with lots of exciting rooms and a big garden... Movellas are delighted to announce the publication of two incredibly talented young authors. 


We have teamed up with Txtr to publish two of our favourite movellas.


The first is by Love2write and is the moving story of a young girl moving back in with her mum and the secrets that she will uncover. The second is by one of the early and most prolific users of Movellas, D.B. Fairless, and is his classic tale of adventure and battle, heartbreak and planetary war.


Get a taste of the writing on Movellas, leave them feedback and comments, and then read the whole thing by purchasing from the Txtr store.   




We even asked one of the talented artists on Movellas, Anna Ostergaard, to design the covers. And they look awesome! 


These are just the first steps in helping develop some of the incredible talent that we see every day here, so keep coming back for more opportunities and announcements. 



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