The Sci-Fi Winners

by , Monday April 29, 2013
The Sci-Fi Winners

The suspense is now over - we have the winners to our Sci-Fi contest!


With every participating Movella a portal to an alternative future, all entries were captivating and the creativity they held truly unparalleled. 


It was, as ever, a tough decision, but the winning stories are:



Mason looked at the screens of his classmates. As usual, not a sound was present in the stagnant air of the classroom. Lessons were being relayed in a silent ensemble of image and words flitting across the screen. Teacher sat stiffly across the room, barely visible through the dusky glow of thousands of projecting screens. If there was a problem with one's screen, one merely sent a message to Teacher and he would examine it before sending a message to Technology. There was never any problems with the screens, though. They were perfect.



The planets of Exodus only contained four types of climate; swamp lands, desert, forests and plains. Marcus Grey was currently situated in the first which was by far his least favourite. He’d grown up on the plains so they always held a special place in his heart, forests had always reminded him of his grandmother’s house so they were also special to him and he didn’t really mind the desert so long as he had sufficient water with him. Swamp lands on the other hand were a completely different story. 


Claustrum Sinks

It’s funny to think that this island used to be civilized.

          Looking at it now, you would have never guessed. Though the remnants of buildings still line the coast, and the sharp fences and mile high lampposts stand with rigid purpose- the rest of the island has decayed, dilapidated market stalls void of produce and worn out roads that pave a path to the unknown.




Check out all the participating Movellas for a day of great reading. Congratulations to the winning authors and all participating authors.


Whatever lies in our future, do make sure to change history (literally!) in our What Stories Are Hiding In The Past? competition!


Happy reading and writing.

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