Another Movellian gets published!

Movellians are taking the book world by storm - check out another awesome writer and her published story! 


The Beat Girl fan fiction contest is over and we have our winner: “Two Decaf Coffees and Two Extra-Large Chocolate Doughnuts” was selected by the judges and has now been published!





The story, written by Victoria Bush, finally puts some attention on Amy. Told from her point of view, it focuses on her life as a fashion designer and the challenges she has to face. 




While Amy is struggling to get her fashion studio out of debt, she is also trying to get Steve’s attention, who does not seem to notice that she has been in love with him since the first time she saw him.


But one day, Amy’s life changes after a confusing encounter. Leo, a new employee of the café next to her studio, makes her think about the life she has lead so far and, even though Amy tries to keep her promise not to fall for him, she feels attracted to Leo in a way that she can’t even explain herself. Very soon, Amy has to make a choice that will affect all of her friends and could change her life completely.


“Two decaf coffees and two extra-large chocolate doughnuts” is a story about decisions and opportunities that could change your life forever, about deciding what is the right thing to do and finding your way in life. In this prequel of the Beat Girl Movie and Book, you will follow Amy’s process of finding herself and facing her responsibilities when she has to choose between doing what her heart tells her and facing reality.


Do you want to read the story? If you already enjoyed the rest of the Beat Girl world, you should definitely check it out!


You can get it on Amazon, just follow this link. How INCREDIBLE would it be if the Movellas community rallied around this book, gave it lovely reviews and made it the most successful book on Amazon - a 15 year old topping the bestseller list would certainly send a message out that young authors are the future! 


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