Red Nose Day

by , Friday March 15, 2013
Red Nose Day

Happy Red Nose Day!


Today is Red Nose Day in the UK, which brings together a variety of celebrities, organisations, people and groups to raise money for charitable causes. 



Their slogan: Do Something Funny for Money! 



This got us thinking... what can we do to celebrate and help raise awareness? 


Well - there is one thing that all Movellians are great at... writing! So, why not write something funny for Red Nose Day? Add that your movella was written for Red Nose Day in the blurb so that everyone who reads it finds out about this incredible charity opportunity. 


Leave a link to your comic piece in the comments below to share the hilarity and increase the awareness. 


P.S. We created some red nose themed story chains for you to start playing... here AND here

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