World Book Day Story Chain

Another awesome World Book Day activity - play Story Chain with four incredibly talented authors!



Each of the five incredible authors featured in the WBD YA app has written the first line of a story for you to continue in our Story Chain game:


Sarah Alderson:
When they came for her she was ready, lying on the floor, pretending to sleep, eyes scrunched shut, hands fisted, like her dad had shown her…


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Josephine Angelini:
Missy had lived on this block her whole life, and she had never noticed the cafe before. It looked like it had been there for100 years, but it hadn't been there yesterday.


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Dave Cousins:
It’s 6am. I’m at a bus stop dressed as a giant chicken. If I told you how I got here, you wouldn’t believe me. It started with Finn’s text.


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Sarah J. Maas:
There were only so many places that Cyrene could hide from the rebel scouts, and the top of a pine tree in the heart of the forest wasn’t one of them.


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Have you downloaded the World Book Day YA app and been greedily reading the exclusive stories there? 





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