Movellas new features

by , Thursday February 21, 2013
Movellas new features

We've taken a lot of feedback from you on board over the last month and are pleased to be able to show you some cool new features...




Movellas now have a rating of green, yellow or red - depending on the level of mature content in the story. You can go back and give your old movellas a rating and you can flag movellas that you think have been rated incorrectly. 



Improved search:


We have made it much easier to find the movella that you want to be reading. You can now search by including or exlcuding tags, helping you refine your choice. Obviously, this system works best when all movellas are tagged correctly - so you can help us out by doing a good job on this when you upload your movella. 



We are working very hard to continue to bring these kind of improvements to and your feedback is always much appreciated. I'm very excited to show you what's coming in the next couple of weeks! 

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