Love sick (of Valentine's day) ?

by , Wednesday February 13, 2013
Love sick (of Valentine's day) ?


There is a knock on the door ...

You wonder who could be calling this time of the evening on a Thursday night. Perhaps your parents got back from their Valentine ’s Day meal early? You slump down the stairs in your onesie stained with your Chinese takeaway for one. You turn the door handle and swing the door open with an exasperated sigh ready to lecture your giggly parents about forgetting their key. However, it’s not your parents standing at the door. In the doorframe is a tall handsome boy grasping The Notebook and a bouquet of roses…


On talking to most of my female friends on Valentine’s Day, this is what they envision happening every year. However, if this happened to me I think I’d be more worried that there is a stranger standing at my door, and furthermore a stranger with such an awful taste in films. If you ask me I think spending the evening in my onesie eating too much Chinese is the perfect way to spend the night and would be very cross that he tried to muscle in on it.

So why is there such a stigma on being single on Valentine's? Even at my University they are giving away free meals to make people feel better about being single or away from their partners. And I’m not sticking my nose up at free food. Instead of moping about how I have incredibly tedious lectures on Thursday, me and my friend Amelia are dressing up to the nines and claiming our free glass of coke and our cheap steak . The great thing being that when I get home I can crawl under my knitted blanket and sleep. All the while, I haven’t had to worry about impressing my date because Amelia already knows I’m crazy and she will not care if I wear my obnoxious glittery dress that makes my bum look big, because we’re friends and we adore each other and isn’t that what Valentine's is all about? Showing your utmost adoration for the people you love despite their quirks?

Valentines should not be a time of misery, the whole point is for it to be about love. So whether you are going out on a date with your other half; giving a friend a hug or just spending time loving yourself relaxing in a onesie with a Chinese takeaway, I personally think that’s a Valentine’s day well spent.


Although, if my boyfriend’s reading this, perhaps if you brought round The Perks Of being A Wallflower, I may reconsider.

So what will you be doing this Valentine's? Let us know in the comments and we can all keep each other company. 

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