More World Book Day nominations!

More stories for the World Book Day YA app...


This week we asked the Ambassadors to nominate 11 (they couldn't settle on 10...) stories for the WBD app, which is now only a few weeks away from being released! 


Baby Face

The Victim and Death

The Basement

The Library

When Tomorrow Starts Without Me

The lemon

And we meet. Finally.



Young Once



In case you need reminding, the app is going to be released on World Book Day in the United Kingdom with all of these awesome movellas PLUS nine incredible and exclusive stories from famous young adult authors.


I can't wait till you find out who the authors are, any guesses? Or more nominations for next week?



P.S - Are your teachers looking to do more activities around WBD in the classroom? Let them know about our Story Recipe Generator, which they can also download as an app for their SMART boards! 

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