Greatest Romance

by , Thursday February 7, 2013
Greatest Romance

What is the best love story ever written? Share it with us and other users and start getting into the Valentine's mood.



Valentine's Day is approaching and at Movellas we have love stories on the brain. So...
What is your favorite love story?
It may be one you've read on Movellas or in a famous book or one you've seen in a film or a celebrity romance. Share it with us and the other users in the comments section and see if there are others who are enthusiastic about your great love story.
And now that we are so close to Valentine's Day, then you probably could also do with a few facts about the day. Do you know why we call it Valentine's Day?
There are many different explanations, but the most recognized is that the day is named after Saint Valentine. The Roman Emperor Claudius had forbidden soldiers to marry and become engaged, but he was defied by the the priest Valentin who married them in secret. Valentin managed to marry a lot of soldiers before he was discovered and as punishment beheaded on 14 February - when we now celebrate Valentine's Day.
Now that's a true love story.
Which love story gives you butterflies?
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