The Adventure Contest: The Winners

Our Adventure Competition closed on Wednesday and we are pleased to announce the three incredible winners.



1) The Far Side Of The Galaxy 

Daniel stared through the cross-hairs of his rifle's telescopic sight as he paused to catch his breath. Everything he had been through so far had led to this, his team's final objective.


2) Darkest Star, Brightest Shadow 

Crimson blood fell to the floor, splattering the snowy white marble flooring with a stain that could never be washed away, never forgotten. The princess, her dress once white, now bloodstained, dropped to the floor, her body as limp as flimsy fabric.


3) I Don't Care 

“There is a place called Porthpunnet. It’s candy floss, and grey skies. The only life left in this town is the flotsam and jetsam that flows through it on coastal tides; dandelion seed, blown off its course, lost in an evening breeze. My name is Luka Bartholomew, but you wouldn’t have met me yet, because until now I’ve been locked up in this place, far, far away; but I am not a criminal...”



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