The Movellys: The Winners

by , Thursday January 10, 2013
The Movellys: The Winners

Since we launched the Movellys in December over 3,000 nominations and votes have been cast - wow! A pretty passionate battle raged over who should win each category, so we are pleased to put an end to all the nerves and announce the incredible winners...


For best author and best movella, we thought it was most fair to choose the top 3 by votes, then have the winner picked by an external judge:


Best Author:


Winner: JK Panesar

JK Panesar (44) 
Lia is a cookie (22) 
IceCreamGirl (20) 

Best Movella:


Winner: Finding Theo

Only You (42) 
The Great Escape (10) 
Finding Theo (9) 

Best Trailer:

Passion 2

Best Cover:

Daddy Won't Know

Most helpful:


Best fan fic:

For The Love of Clara

Best fantasy story:

The Last Moon Dragon

Best poem:

Stone Angel

Most romantic movella:

Daddy Won't Know

Best on social media:

WriterMan i.e. @ollie_lambo


A massive congratulations to all the winners, everyone on the shortlist and everyone who was nominated... and a BIG thank you to everyone who is writing on Movellas and everyone who is reading on Movellas for making the website so great!  





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