Christmas Giveaway: Day 17

by , Monday December 17, 2012
Christmas Giveaway: Day 17

The giveaway never ends! (well, at least not until Christmas day...)


First up, check out the winners from the last week. Did you win? No? No worries, there are still lots more chances! 


Today we have something very special - one of our favourite books is the prize for three lucky contestants.


That book is...


The Fault in Our Stars by the INCREDIBLE John Green


Now because we love this book so much, we have come up with an extra special task for you. 


Imagine you are Movellas Editor for a day and you have to launch a Movellas writing competition based on The Fault in Our Stars - what's the most exciting thing you can come up with?


Not only can you win books in this task, your answer might well become a reality in January! 


Good luck. 

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