Thanksgiving winners

by , Monday November 26, 2012
Thanksgiving winners

We found our awesome winner to the impromptu Thanksgiving writing contest. 


It was awesome to get such a great reaction to our quick contest. So many of you, from all over the world, wrote lovely pieces that all deserve to be recognised.


We found it too hard to choose between all incredibly moving pieces of writing telling us what you were thankful for (although this should be required reading for everyone, check it out under the previous blog post!).

Instead, we went for the opening scene to a Thanksgiving story by Pochapal. The plot is still waiting to really kick off, but the description, attention to detail and writing style is superb. He has now continued past those first 500 words and has a fully fledged movella forming: 


When Five Boys Come To Thanksgiving by Pochapal


And he didn't choose the five boys we expected! 


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