#Keepingitreal: Winners

by , Monday November 5, 2012
#Keepingitreal:  Winners

We really were amazed at the level of awesomness of the entries for this competition and we just couldn't judge the stories oursleves, so we brought in, none other than Natasha Devon from Body Gossip, who just won a Comospolitan Ultimate Woman Award and who is pretty awesome and experienced in this field.  Here's what she had to say!


Thanks Movellas for asking me to judge this competition.  I have been pretty poorly with flu, so reading through all the stories really helped to keep me entertained.  

I was really impressed with the quality of the entries.  There are some very talented young writers on movellas who obviously have a real passion for writing, with some strong and inspiring views.  But, I had to whittle down the entries to the final 3 that I thought best expressed what it means to "keep it real" and here they are:


1st:  A Guide for Girls by e/millie.  

I really loved reading this piece It sums up what I teach in my Body Gossip self-esteem classes - that everyone can be the best version of themselves and find their own version of normal.

2nd:  #Keepingitreal - Passions and Dreams by Martha

I started my career in writing as a music journalist and can really relate to what the author says about music being evocative. There are few things more powerful in terms of inspiring you. 

3rd:  Devil On Your Shoulder by BeautifulStranger

I loved the way that this is written.


Well done to all who entered the competition.  Continue to #Keepitreal every day!



The runners up will receive a book each along with a movellas dipoma, and the winner will receive a highly sought after, brand new movellas T-shirt (see below), plus a diploma and a possible feature article in a magazine.






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