Pulling At Your Gravity: Winners

The incredible winning stories to our Pulling At Your Gravity competition were inspired by Maggot Moon and Sally Gardner. These three stories captured something of what it means to be so attached to someone that they almost pull at your gravity. It takes a lot to live up to Sally Gardner's line "Gramps was the only person who still pulled at the gravity in me", but we think we found three stories that mange it. 


1st) Atoms by escaping the bell jar


Dear you,

When we met, almost a year ago now, the first question you asked me was: what does a molecule feel like when it dies?


2nd) Nerdy Science For You by Uncle Mitchy Kay


Just like the silicon in my CPU,

You're most of what composes me,

You open me like a skeleton key,

And I don't know, I don't have a clue.

- My calculations just tell me this is for you.


3rd) Love looks not with eyes but with the mind by illmannors 

I was sprawled on the dewy mess they called grass, my eyes firmly walled of from the world, with my face sodden from tears and the drooping roses cutting into my palms. My whole body is tense, every muscle contorted to the agony. I open my eyes for just a second and see the streaming sun-light pulse into my iris's which sets of more anger, confusion, guilt and desire straight to my still beating heart.


Congratulations to everyone who won a prize, but also to everyone who entered!

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