RuneScape: The Winners

by , Monday October 29, 2012
RuneScape: The Winners

The incredible winning entries to RuneScape: Write Your Own Adventure


As always, we had a collection of awesome stories to read. Everyone embraced the RuneScape world, but at the same time engaged their imagination to create something truly captivating. The judges were consistently impressed by the level of detail and background that underpinned these movellas.


In the end, these three stories were chosen based on the way they drew you in and did not let you leave until you were finished. 


Congratulations to our winners and to everyone else who entered - good luck in any future competitions you may wish to enter!



If you only read three stories this week, make sure they are The Lost Journal of Jackson, A Night of Fire and assassings in the wind! Well done to Paul M, Scythe3015 and dr thing, you will be contacted shortly with regards to prizes.

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