Interview: A Published Movellian!

You may have heard the news..

Penguin found a writer they loved on Movellas and now a Movellian has a book deal!


We could not be happier! Emily's news, that one of her stories was spotted on Movellas and that she was commisioned by Penguin to write a new book, shows just how far has come in a short period of time. The publishing and writing world is changing, and you Movellians are a MASSIVE part of that. I hope you can all be as pleased for a fellow Movellian as we are, but also use this as an incentive to carry on writing. You never know who is reading your story!  

Congratulations on your book deal.  How does it feel to be a published author/soon to be published author?
Thank you! If I'm honest, most of the time I don't really think about it. I'm quite a chilled person, so it takes a fair bit for something to actually effect me. But obviously, if I think about it, it's pretty incredible. I don't think it's actually set in that I'm going to be published yet, so I'm waiting for myself to catch up with everything! 
Can you tell us a little bit about what the story is about?
It's about an average girl and her friend who take a short vacation in London. The story tells a journey of meeting every girl's dream boy-band, The Only Truth. The book lets you follow how being stuck in a love triangle can effect you first hand, the ups and downs of friendships and, of course, the famous life. 
What do you think of all the media attention your book deal is getting?
At first I didn't really know what to think about it. It was obviously strange for me to see lots of people talking about me and since I come from a small village, it was even more strange. It's still weird seeing my name and pictures in papers and blogs, I don't think that's something I could ever get use to.
When I read the first negative article, I'd be lying if I said it didn't upset me. I was sat for hours  wondering how they could even write something bad about me or the book when they haven't read it. But that's exactly the point, they don't know me or the book, so what they're doing is simply guessing that's its going to be rubbish, so all I do is ignore it now. At the end of the day, what strangers say is not going to effect me in the slightest, so they can say what they like. There are a lot of other positive articles, which I'm very grateful for.
Have you always liked writing?
When I was much younger, writing was something I was interested in. But as I grew up I kind of grew out of it, and I never really thought much about it. I was always pre-occupied with something! I don't really know why I thought about writing again, but I'm glad I did! 
How did you find out about movellas and how did you acquire so many fans?
I came across the movellas app when I was browsing though iTunes. I downloaded it just to check out of it was any good or not, and obviously it was. Before I found the website, the thought of writing a book never even entered my mind, so really if I hadn't found that app, none of this would have happened! As for the fans, I don't really know where they came from. The first couple of weeks I only had about five, then suddenly they shot up. I'm surprised I have so many and I still don't really know why, haha!  
Where would you like your writing to take you? What are your plans for the future?
I haven't really thought about being a professional writer, as I'm still not sure whatI would like to do in the future. But I'm enjoying writing at this moment in time and will just have to see where that takes me.
What do you find hardest about writing? How do you overcome these difficulties?
Probably the hardest thing I find about writing is that I get bored or distracted very easily. It also doesn't help that I'm such a lazy person, so I find it quite hard get myself motivated and sit for a few hours and write. What I find helps though is if I get myself in the right mindset, turn the telly off, listen to music and make sure nothing/anyone distracts me. When I do that, I can sit for a good seven hours and write. 
Tell us a bit more about you.  Do you go to school/college?  What do you study?  What are your interests?  Where do you live?
I'm currently studying Art and Music at college in North Lincolnshire. I've never really been one to enjoy subjects that involve a lot of writing, which is obviously strange considering this deal. I'm the creative type and since Art and Music are my strongest subjects, that's what I decided to do. When I visited America a few years back, I sort of fell in love with the place and my dream is to go to university there, or failing that, live there some day. So hopefully that's where I'd be in a few years time. 
Is there an author that inspires you or that influences your own personal style?
I wouldn't say there is one particular author that I look up to or that influences me. Obviously, JK Rowling and Stephenie Meyer are incredible. I loved the Puddle Lane books when I was little, haha.
How has music inspired your writing?
It's inspired my writing probably the most out of everything. My first movellas was a One Direction fan fiction and I knew there would be an audience for it as they have an incredible fan base. I enjoyed writing fan fiction, but I enjoy writing about my own characters more. Writing about One Direction probably got me more readers, and I'm glad I did write about them, because I enjoyed the experience.



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