Poetry: The Winners

by , Monday September 24, 2012
Poetry: The Winners

The winning entries to the BIG poetry competition - three must read poems!

WOW! The entries to this competition were quite simply incredible. 260 beautiful poems that Ebonie (our lovely intern who was essential in judging this contest) and I spent a week debating over. Everyone who entered should be very proud. 


The winning entry was an emotionally moving poem reminiscent of the great T.S. Eliot (yes! it was that good). Second and third were as brilliant as they were different. But all three poems captured what is great about poetry - awesome lines, clever use of structure and rhyme, poignant and passionate subject matter. Do not miss out on these poems. 


1st: One for Sorrow - Mcforbes 

2nd: Walk - Ollie Lambert (WriterMan)

3rd: The Court - MafaJoan


Congratulations to everyone who entered. Remember, all of the entries can be found here. And if you enjoyed that competition, then make sure you are paying attention to Movellas in the next two weeks when we will be announcing some VERY exciting news!  

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