The Winners: Fantasy Competition

Our fantasy competition had some incredible entries, here are the winning ones!

We are very happy to let you know that (after MUCH discussion) we have found the three winners to the Other Worlds competition. As always, we were staggered by how good the entries were. So many of the stories sucked us in right away and then propelled us along with quality writing and great plotting.

This means that the winning stories are MUST reads:


1st: Child of the Seas by Kameka H

"I don't know where to start. So much has happened since I ran away from the village. Becoming the Aglaia. Almost falling into eternal sleep. Meeting the girl-- the girl who comes from another world, and yet is one of us.

Perhaps I will just start at the beginning."

2nd: Dragon Scales by Bash 

"Even as a baby I can remember flying high on Fireseeker, dipping up and down through our beautiful green meadows and vast hilly countryside. How I always loved being strapped tightly in the worn leather harness and looking down at our  rundown farm. My short, rotund mother watching nervously her young baby girl and her loving and powerful husband high up. We would soar on our friendly, small, green dragon, for hours. How I loved him. He was my brother in the sky. Fireseeker and I, Bella Grande, dragon rider. I loved that title."

3rd: Rise of the Phoenix by Lou :3

"The legend says, that when the Phoenix rises from the ashes of a fallen wizard, six young heroes are ready to take on the honorable task of restoring the country's long lost greatness, but before that can happen, they must be taught the ways of their ancient heroes."


Congratulations to the winners and well done to everyone who entered. Still looking for another world to write about? Be sure to check out our Runescape story contest

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