So you’re new to Movellas?

by , Thursday June 21, 2012
 So you’re new to Movellas?

Here’s everything you need to know about our community!


You’ve joined Movellas but what next? Read on and discover how to get the most out of Movellas!


1. Complete your profile

Add a cool profile pic, change your background image, tell us a bit about yourself! You can do that all here.


2. Discover amazing new stories

Find the most popular stories on our home page along with hidden gems. You can also see our Cover of the Day on Instagram here. Search by genre and fandom to discover more of the stuff you love!


3. Share your discoveries

Show your support for the awesome authors on Movellas by sharing your faves! Use the share buttons at the start of each Movella and in a few clicks you can recommend reads to others!


4. Get more reads + comments

To get your work out there, it’s important to publicise it! Try adding your Movellas profile link to any blogs or social networks you use regularly. Share links to your Movellas and Covers too. Put direct links to your Movellas in Mumbles and Forums and ask people to read them. Comment on other people’s work and ask them to do them same. You’ll get there but it will take time!




5. Your safety matters to us

That’s why we advise you not to give out any contact details on the site and why we’ll remove any email addresses if we see them. It’s why we are careful about the type of content available on Movellas and will work with you to reach a solution to any issues. Read more about this here.


6. Keep up to date

There’s no excuse for being out of the loop on Movellas. Sign up for our fortnightly newsletter (go to edit profile/ notifications/ news&updates) for all the latest goss. Look out for notifications when you log in for comments and mentions on your stuff. And check in with our blog regularly for useful stuff and well...silly stuff too!


7. Get social

Come chew the fat with us on Twitter (@Movellas), Facebook (Movellas), Instagram (@MovellasOfficial), YouTube (Movellas) and Tumblr. We don’t bite! (Unless we’re having a Twilight moment…)


8. Rate us

Done all that and STILL love us? Well, we’d better make this official then...rate us on iTunes and Googleplay.


That’s it for now!

The Movellas Team


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