Where is the Love?

by , Thursday May 3, 2012
Where is the Love?


'Read my story' comment

Cool new trend or really annoying bad habit?



'Give and thou shall receive'. Or was it ‘Ask and thou shall receive’? I was just wondering, because there seems to be a thing going on here on Movellas lately where a lot of people comment on other authors’ work, only to ask them to read theirs in return.


I totally get the idea, and like I mentioned in my last post, reads really are the currency here on Movellas. I get that you want someone to read your work, and that it only seems fair that they should do so, if you take the time to read theirs. The only problem is that it ends up looking like a massive display of mistrust, because no one seems to think that anyone will read their stories unless they directly ask them too.


Of course there is nothing wrong with trying to draw some attention to your work. I’m just worried that perhaps it is creating a bad atmosphere on the site? And also I think I’ve seen some people that appear to ‘cheat’. They leave the same comment with the same ‘feedback’ on tons of stories and ask the author to read theirs in return (though the posting of identical comments leads me to suspect that they did not read anything themselves in the first place). We actually consider that spamming, which is not allowed on the site, but it is really hard to detect.


I don't honestly know if we should try to do something about it (or in that case: what). Help me out, guys. Is it cheating? Is it annoying when people leave comments on your story just to promote their own? Or is it just me?

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