The Popularity Contest - Part I

How to get more readers - part I

What does it take to make a bestseller? And does the best book always win?


I saw this great quote in the window of a bookstore in London:

“There are 3 secrets to writing a bestselling novel. Unfortunately nobody knows what they are.”

It’s funny, ‘cause it’s true, I guess. There is no real formula for success so aiming only for the bestseller lists is probably not a realistic approach and will for most aspiring writers end in disappointment. It’s difficult enough just to get published! There are, however, a few things that any author can do to better their chances of attracting more readers.
Here are some that I found online:
- Start a blog
- Write articles to get your name out there
- Create a nice website
- Do lots of book signings
- Go to events
- Build a network in the industry
- Come up with a great title
- Make sure your cover is great

Lots of work, huh? But before you even sit down to write your book, anyone will tell you that if you’re looking to write a bestseller – you have to choose the right genre. The right genre – in terms of popularity – is romance, mystery or fantasy (I’m only talking about fiction here – lots of self help books also have massive sales).
That is all well and fine - but if anyone is trying to give you good advice, I’m sure they will tell you first of all, that you always have to write from the heart. Lots of authors write poetry, though they know it will never earn them money or get them lots of readers. Even if they do get their poems (or their avant-garde or experimental novels) published, they still don’t sell a lot of copies, no matter how brilliant they are, because there are just not that many buyers/readers of that genre out there.

To me, the most important thing is, as good ol’ Shakespeare put it: To thine own self be true. There is no joy in writing, if you’re not writing something that you’re passionate about. Fortunately now you can publish all of your great work – even poetry or other “impossible” genres - here on Movellas and get readers without having to worry about sales. If you really want to get published in print, you can test your ideas on Movellas to see how others respond to it to get an idea of how it would fare in print.
Next time, I’ll talk about what you can do to get more readers here on Movellas.
In the meantime: What do you guys think about the bestselling genres? Have you ever bought a collection of (modern) poetry?

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