by , Wednesday February 29, 2012

Promoting Movellas in Barcelona

A little bit about our Barcelona promotion tour


Just wanted to tell you guys a bit about of our trip to Barcelona to promote Movellas.
Location: Showstoppers, Barcelona. Press event with about 500 journalists from all over the world.
Our mission: To tell them all about how great you guys are and about the amazing stories you write.

1500 hours: I’m VERY happy to be at Showstoppers, oozing confidence and joy.

Why is Joram (the founder of Movellas)then so stressed out in the background?

(Hint: notice the screen projected on the wall…)












1600 hours: Nina is claerly also VERY happy to be there. She is proudly presenting our flyers, which we designed ourselves. Not a single journalist slipped by her without getting one of those...






















1700 hours: We're handing out flyers and talking people's ears off like a couple of pros.














1800 hours: Why are people looking at a stupid car when Movellas is over here? Have we really already spoken to all of them? Are they running away to avoid hearing about Movellas for the third or fourth time?










1900 hours: Mission accomplished! Feeling very self-congratulatory after a hard day's work.













There was even time to enjoy the rest of the exhibition the next day. You know you're at a nerdy congress when there's a horse made out of smart phones...




















... And the logo is an eye made out of cell phones and sim cards!


















Of course, we all know that Movellas is the coolest app of all – and now hopefully all the journalists know it too. Here’s hoping that they will all write long articles of praise for our great site, so that you guys get tons of more readers for your stories.







PS: We even found time to go sighseeing a little bit. Yes, it is a building. Yes, it looks like a penis. We think that is funny :-)















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