Interview about secrets

by , Thursday February 9, 2012
Interview about secrets

Interview with the winners of the My Secret competition

I have asked the talented winners of our My Secret competition a few questions about their writing habits, their favourite kind of story and why they like writing on Movellas.


Meet the fabulous winners who've written about




First I talked to SinfullyRiddling, who won the competition with her amazing story A Shattered Mirror about the 17-year-old Tallulah who carries a dark secret that ends up destroying her.


Interview with SinfullyRiddling

Sara: When did you start writing?
SinfullyRiddling: I wrote my first story back in the second grade. It was a really silly story about a dog who got lost in the forest, and it barely made sense. I remember presenting it to the class and feeling so happy, knowing that there were people who liked what I'd made. Since then, I've always been writing, whether it be short stories or an entire novel. I still have most of the pieces of writing that I wrote back when I was young, and it’s fun to re-read them and see how my writing style has improved over the years, and what kind of a person I used to be.
Sara: What do you like about writing?
SinfullyRiddling: What I love about writing is that it’s limitless. You can create absolutely anything imaginable, and nobody can stop you. You can enter a whole new world of things that could certainly never be possible in actuality. I love that feeling of creativity...the feeling of knowing you have an idea unlike what anyone else has ever thought of. But mostly, I find it entertaining. I especially love the process of creating characters, because you can really do anything with them. When writing, I feel like I'm in control. I can mold the story into whatever I want, and I like knowing that.
Sara: How often do you write? How many hours a week?
SinfullyRiddling: Writing is definitely what I enjoy doing the most, so I try to do it as often as possible. I'll admit I do have a very tight schedule, so its not like I can spend hours writing, but I usually try to write for a couple hours in the evenings. I always write at least once every two days, even if it isn't much. I'd say I spend somewhere around 7-14 hours a week writing, depending on how busy I am and how much free time I have.
Sara: Where do you find inspiration?

SinfullyRiddling: I usually find inspiration in the strangest places. Even something as simple as looking at a rose in a vase can inspire me. Music definitely has inspired me the most of anything. Sometimes even just one lyric from a song can inspire a whole short story for me. I also like to brainstorm. I'll blast music and make a list of as many random ideas as I can...whatever comes to mind. Then, I'll look over my ideas and pick out the best ones. I'll usually combine my favorite ideas into one general plot.

Sara: What kind of stories do you like to read on Movellas?
SinfullyRiddling: I really love horror stories, or stories about supernaturals. There's something about them that I find extremely interesting. I will really read any type of literature...but the one type I can't stand are those really cheesy, stereotypical romance stories about teenagers, that tend to be really predictable. For example, a girl moves to a new school and has a crush on the popular guy, but the popular guy's girlfriend goes after the new girl and ridicules her. Stories like that aren't very unique, in my opinion, because many people write them. I guess they aren't bad because some people enjoy them...but I personally don't like reading them.
Sara: How do you choose what to read on Movellas? Do you look for a nice cover? Or your favourite genre?
SinfullyRiddling: I usually browse through my favorite genres first, or the ones that are most popular. Then, I'll end up clicking on stories that catch my eye in the "Related Movellas" box on the right of the page, and it keeps on going from there. But I must admit that a nice title with good capitalization and spelling as well as an attractive cover do catch my eye first.
Sara: How did you hear about Movellas?
SinfullyRiddling: I actually bumped into by accident. (I'm so glad I did.) I was browsing around on and somebody asked where a good place to publish stories online was. One of the answers was "", so I figured I'd check it out for fun. I read a few stories and decided I'd make an account and upload one of my stories. I really didn't think anyone was going to read it...but when the views went up and people left such sweet comments, I decided I'd keep going with it.
Sara: What made you decide to share your stories here?
SinfullyRiddling: Before Movellas, I never shared my writing publicly online because I didn't think it was all that great. I decided to give it a chance, and after all the positive feedback I've gotten, I feel more motivated and don't want to give up.
Sara: Do you know how the story will end when you start writing, or do you come up with the plot as you go along?
SinfullyRiddling: When I first start writing, I usually have a general conflict in mind, and I somewhat have a direction of where I want to go with the plot. I have a sort of mental plot outline that I follow. I don't really plan out the specifics thought...and I almost never have an idea of how I want to end the story. When writing, I feel like it is better to just go with it as it comes, and not focus on picking out an ending. My characters usually end up changing over time, and the plot develops. So I do make a mental outline of what I'm going to write about, but if I come up with a different idea, I never hesitate to make changes to it. Another trick that I've found works really well for me is to make a little page in the beginning (not as part of the story, but for personal reference) that I write short little character bios on. That way, I remember every detail about every character, even minor characters, so that I don't end up forgetting anything. I include a brief description of each character including their first and last name, physical appearance, and the most important aspects of their personalities.
Sara: Do you respond to the comments you get? Maybe even consider changing some things if you agree with them?
SinfullyRiddling: I read each and every comment I get on Movellas, and if the person is offering me advice, I always take it into consideration. If I agree with what the person is suggesting and think it will benefit my story, I thank them and make the changes. If I disagree, I'll leave my story the way it is, but thank them anyway.
Sara: Is it your dream to become an author?
SinfullyRiddling: It is definitely my dream to become an author. When growing up, kids are often asked the question "What do you want to be when you grow up?" While other kids would answer things like "A superhero!" "A firefighter!" or "A ballerina!" I would always reply with "An author." While I would love to be an author, the writing business is unfortunately hard to get into straight out of college. My plan is to teach preschoolers while writing on the side in my free time until I gain more publicity.
Sara: How do you like Movellas?
SinfullyRiddling: I would definitely recommend Movellas to others. I told several of my friends about it, and a couple of them even signed up! Movellas is a great site. The people on it are so sweet, supportive, and helpful. The format of the site is amazing too. I like how easy it is to find stories to read that suit your liking.

Thank you, SinfullyRiddling for patiently answering a ton of questions! I find it so inspiring to hear about what other writers do.


Interview with Dropdeadjodieexx

Here’s is from out runner-up; Dropdeadjodieexx, who wrote the haunting story Deadly Secret in which the perfect boyfriend turns out to be anything but perfect and hide a very terrible secret.

Sara: When did you start writing?
Dropdeadjodieexx: I used to write stories when I first started writing but they were never good haha!

Sara: What do you like about writing?

Dropdeadjodieexx: I love writing because it means I can be in my own little bubble where everything and anything I want can exist!
Sara: How often do you write? And for how many hours a week?
Dropdeadjodieexx: I write all the time, no joke! I spend a good few hours everyday after school writing my second book in a paranormal series! And I always add stuff to movellas!
Sara: Where do you find inspiration?
Dropdeadjodieexx: I find inspiration from music quite a lot. If I want to write a sad, depressing or sinister scene, I listen to some sad music! This works with whatever scene and emotion you're trying to build.
Sara: What do you like to read on Movellas?
Dropdeadjodieexx: I love to read romances and paranormal stuff! So much fun to read because nothing has to make sense!
Sara: How do you choose what to read? Do you look for a nice cover? Or do you search for your favourite genre?
Dropdeadjodieexx: The title normally grabs my attention first. If the description/blurb doesn't grab my attention, I won't bother reading it :D Sometimes I do search a specific genre, depending what mood I'm in!
Sara: How did you hear about Movellas?
Dropdeadjodieexx: I heard about Movellas when one of my mum's friends recommended it for me because she knew I loved to write!
Sara: Do you know how the story will need when you start writing, or do you make it up as you go along?
Dropdeadjodieexx: I think improvisation is always the best way in most cases. If you plan it in too much detail, the story might lack important emotions etc. because you're too busy trying to rush all the important bits.
Sara: Do you listen to the comments you get from the other users and maybe even change some things if you agree with them?
Dropdeadjodieexx: I always listen to the comments because they are always extremely helpful, and I love receiving feedback, even the negative stuff because I'm not the most perfect writer and it's helpful receiving comments from those who may be better.
Sara: Is it your dream to be an author or is it mostly a hobby?
Dropdeadjodieexx: I have been trying to get published now for about a year, I have spent most of this time trying to self-publish but it isn't the route for me! So I am hoping to send off a few transcripts to a variety of publishing houses in the near future :D
Sara: How do you find it, would you recommend Movellas to other writers?
Dropdeadjodieexx: I would definitely recommend this site because if you've never had a reason to write, then this is the place to go! People are friendly and helpful and I just simply love all the feedback! :D

Thank you so much for your time and for the amazing stories that you’ve published on Movellas!
It is truly impressive how much time you both spend on writing. I do feel a little bit guilty now for not spending enough time on writing, but at the same time you’ve made me more determined to write more!

How much time do you guys spend on writing? Feel free to comment below…

PS: Sorry about the dog w. glasses - completely irrelevant, but it's soooo cute  :-)

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