We have recently taken on feedback from the Movellas community and introduced a new rating system. Each story can be classified as green, yellow or red, depending on the content. This is to help maintain the balance between freedom in writing and protection, especially for many of our younger users. 
In case you are unsure, here is what each colour indicates:
Green - A movella that contains no mature content and is suitable for all.  
Yellow - A movella that contains some mature content, for instance references to sex, violence or drug use. We recommend parental guidance. 
Red -  A movella that contains explicit content, for instance where violent scenes or adult themes are central to the story or there are graphic depictions of drug taking or sex. These stories are classified as 16+. 
  1. If you are reading a movella that you feel has been giving the wrong rating, please flag it and we will make it a priority to read and reclassify it. 
  2. These ratings do not take precedent over our terms and conditions.
  3. Your content cannot be obscene, pornographic or advocate violent or illegal acts - regardless of the rating.
  4. Movellas in the style of "dirty imagines" contravene our terms and will be removed. 
  5. You cannot post 'red' content if you are under the age of 16.