Write away!

by , Friday December 2, 2011
Write away!


The time has come to talk about the second great writing tip; writing every day. It's wonderful that Stephen King writes 10 pages every day (as in seriously every day) and that every other writer claims to write the best in the morning between 5.30 and 8.30. Good for them! But come on. What about the rest of us mere mortals?


You can find a thousand articles that all recommend that you write every day. The majority even seem to think that it should be done at the same time every day. A popular suggestion is to get up an hour earlier in themorning and spend it writing. They clearly have not seen me in the morning! After I wake up, it takes at least an hour of me looking like some indefinable substance, before I gradually start resembling an actual human being. Definitely not the time for writing a great novel that the 

Basic writing kit #1 Note book

whole world will still be reading in a 100 years.
Another popular suggestion is to write in the evening. But after a few days that plan goes out the window, because I do other stuff and all of a sudden it's too late in the day.
I’ve tried writing in the afternoon, just after I get home, but then I have a million other things on my mind. There's hardly any time during the day when I'm less focused than in the afternoon.
All in all I ended up thinking that I'm probably just not the type that writes every day. Quite an unhappy discovery, since all the great writers write all the time, plus doing it really makes you so much better.
But then something happened...

Basic writing kit #2 Computer

I realized that you don't need to sit at your desk with the door shut in order to get some writing done. I started carrying around a little note book everywhere, so that I could scribble a note in it whenever I came across something, like a good line or a new idea for a story. I fill them up in no time and there it is, a little notebook of gems, ready to provide me with inspiration anytime. I also realized, you can write on your laptop or your phone anytime, if you suddenly have a minute to spare.
So in the same way that I carry a whole digital library around with me in my bag all the time, I also have my little portable office, if I suddenly find time to write or just feel inspired - all it takes is my laptop, phone or note book.

Basic writing kit #3 Coffee

Writing every day (or almost every day) only takes the will to do it! You can do it anywhere, it doesn't have to be the same time of day or in the same place. Now I scribble away all the time and only sit down at my desk for a whole day once in a while to gather and organize all my writings. So now they can all keep their writing in the morning from 5.30 to 8.30 to themselves!



PS: What time of day do you guys write? And how often?

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